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He ends up heckling them all, because no one wants to talk about peace. There are other foreign affairs mentioned, but no one even mentions why the Athenians are still at war with the Spartans. After the unfruitful meeting, a man finds Dikaiopolis and claims he can arrange a private peace treaty between him and Sparta.

He accepts and an agreement is made.

The Acharnians, 1886

He then celebrates the Dionysian festival as a personal celebration of his new agreement with the enemy of Athens. At the parade, Acharnians approach him and pester him for his pacifism. To save his life, Dikaioplois takes a hostage and some Acharnian coal. The Acharnians don't care about the hostage, but they agree to let him be if he returns their coal.

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After, Dikaiopolis isn't satisfied. He wants to convince the Acharnians that the war should end. He agrees that if they'll let him say his peace, he'll make his case with his head on the chopping block. Its farmer-hero, Dicaeopolis, is tired of the Peloponnesian War and therefore secures a private peace…. Aristophanic comedy has a distinct formal design but displays very little plot in any conventional sense.

This work contains examples of:

Rather, it presents a series of episodes aimed at illustrating, in humorous and often bawdy detail, the implications of a deadly serious…. Peloponnesian War , — bce , war fought between the two leading city-states in ancient Greece, Athens and Sparta. Each stood at the head of alliances that, between them, included nearly every Greek city-state. The fighting engulfed virtually the entire Greek world, and it was properly regarded by Thucydides, whose contemporary account…. Aristophanes, the greatest representative of ancient Greek comedy and the one whose works have been preserved in greatest quantity.

Aristophanes' 'Peace' (2009 Production)

He is the only extant representative of the Old Comedy—that is, of the phase of comic dramaturgy c. Comedy, type of drama or other art form the chief object of which, according to modern notions, is to amuse. It is contrasted on the one hand with tragedy and on the other with farce, burlesque, and other forms of humorous amusement. The classic conception of comedy, which began with Aristotle in….

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Contact our editors with your feedback. Edit Mode. Half of the Chorus is won over by his arguments and the other half is not, and a fight breaks out between the opposing camps.

The fight is broken up by the Athenian general Lamachus who also happens to live next door , who is then questioned by Dikaiopolis about why he personally supports the war against Sparta, whether it is out of his sense of duty or because he gets paid. Dikaiopolis then returns to the stage and sets up a private market where he and the enemies of Athens can trade peacefully, and various minor characters come and go in farcical circumstances including an Athenian informer or sycophant who is packed in straw like a piece of pottery and carried off to Boeotia.

Soon, two heralds arrive, one calling Lamachus to war, the other calling Dikaiopolis to a dinner party.

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The two men go as summoned and return soon after, Lamachus in pain from injuries sustained in battle and with a soldier at each arm propping him up, Dikaiopolis merrily drunk and with a dancing girl on each arm.